The Nitrox/Rebreather
Calculator for Palm OS

Calculating MOD? EAD? Best Mix?
Want to know the ppo2? What about
the "loop gas" for your SCR? We
are pleased to introduce the finest
tool for doing these calculations
that is available on the market.

The Palm version is compatable with
all PDA's using the Palm O/S, and is
a handy, compact, powerful addition
to your PDA, making EAD, MOD, &
Best mix calculations, as well as ppo2.
You can even do all of your rebreather
calculations,  including the "loop gas".
It also has a handy EAD chart, and is
so easy to use. Make all your Nitrox &
Rebreather calculations using this fine
tool. You can purchase at "pre-release"
price of just $19.95 on line, now. Or you
can try the demo version, free. Order by
Email, telephone, or secure server below.
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telephone 909-279-3483

Photos by Ken Peters - All rights reserved

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